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Importance of Contract and Working Practice Review

In the event of an enquiry HMRC will look at both your written contract and working practices. A Contract & Working Practices Review by an industry expert will tell you if your contract falls inside or outside of IR35. It will also determine if your actual working practices accurately reflect what is detailed in your written contract.

If found inside of IR35 you then have the opportunity to make changes to your contract and working arrangements to change your status to outside of IR35. Having a professional opinion of your IR35 status also demonstrates to HMRC that you have taken ‘reasonable steps’ to ascertain that your status lies outside of IR35.

Qdos Contractor

We recommend that you fully understand your contract by having either an initial IR35 Contract Assessment or a full IR35 Contract Review, below are market leading providers of IR35 review services.

V-Tax Consulting

V-Tax Consulting specialise in providing a wide range of tax services as well as accountancy services to small and medium-sized businesses and individuals.